Processes for obtaining protein supplements

How is the process of obtaining the protein? Have we ever asked ourselves, how will this product be achieved? Where does it come from? How will they do it? Here we tell you the process from when the milk leaves the cow, until the supplement comes home.

First, the milk is subjected to a curdling process, in which the least soluble components in the water are agglutinated, which are Casein, lactose, minerals and fat. During the setting of the milk, the water separates from it, taking with it the dissolved components, once this, the serum can be removed when the rennet has solidified completely. Optionally, it is given a second curd process and from this second process the “cottage cheese” is obtained. On the other hand, the rennet obtained is processed by cheese industries for cheese making. Once the milk has gone through these processes, we already have the Whey Serum or Whey.

We already have Milk Serum, and now, how does it become the protein pot? Well, we continue.

This whey comes to brands that manufacture supplements, and once there, it undergoes more treatments. The most used at the moment are Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration. In the first place, the membranes of these filters become 1 micrometer for Microfiltration, and 250 nanometers for Ultrafiltration, which is up to 4 times smaller than the Ultrafiltration membrane.

With Microfiltration, the casein micelles are separated from whey proteins, mainly beta-lactoglobulin and alpha-lactalbumin; The process of Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration for the production of whey powder is a process of membrane filtration driven by pressure that consists of two “molecular sieves”; in each step, the different components are eliminated and / or concentrated to achieve the desired final product, being a method included in the whey processes.

The pre-treated fluid serum in this step still contains a measurable amount of fat (about 0.05%); In the Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration process practically all the fat that remains in the milk serum is eliminated during the Microfiltration stage, since it is retained by the membrane. The whey proteins defatted in the resultant Microfiltration stage can then be concentrated by ultrafiltration at a percentage of more than 90%.

Well, we can have after that, a protein with more than 90% protein. What else is done?

Depending on what is required as a final product, the raw material can be mixed for example with BCAA, Glutamine, digestive enzymes, Vitamins … What the manufacturer wants to offer as a final product. And once this, sweeteners, flavorings and extracts are added to give the product a good flavor. The final product is packaged and labeled.

Well, we have our favorite protein boat!