CREA-DOC is a food supplement based on Creatine powder
Monohydrate associated with a particular mix of amino acids, minerals and
vitamins that, together with the adaptogenic plant extract, are intended for
perform a series of specific functions as described below
only the main ones:
􀃠 Promote the synthesis of muscle phosphocreatine and the best use
􀃠 Promote maintenance of muscle energy reserves;
􀃠 To promote muscular trophism and cell volumization;
􀃠 Improves metabolism and protein synthesis;
􀃠 Promote the increase in endogenous secretion of IGF-1 involved in
mechanisms of muscle repair, muscle growth and decrease
of body fat;
􀃠 Promote the increase in strength and global sports performance
especially in short and intense sports activities;
􀃠 Promote the increase in the amount of intramuscular carnosine;
􀃠 Supporting the body when stressed and fatigued by means of
extracts of adaptogenic plants;
􀃠 Promote control of acid-base balance;
􀃠 Promotes the physiological functionality of different organic systems, in
particular the muscular contraction and the transmission of the impulse

Elaboration by Dr. Giuseppe Acciaro – Nutritionist and Food Technologist – 1